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Yarra   (Dual Ch T Schipwreck Yarra AD JD SD SPD)

Breed Schipperke      (Born 06/04/1998)
Owner's Name Necia Lynch
Best thing about He is from the first, and at this stage only litter I have bred.  His devotion to me, and his achievements promoting the Schipperke breed
How long have you been at the Club Since 1992 when I started training my Border Collie Darcy.
Have you taken on any roles at the Club  Started as a Minute taker, then took on the Secretary’s role for a number of years, became a Life Member in August 2008 and accepted the Secretary’s duties again.

Yarra started his career in Conformation and achieved his Australian Champion title in April 2000, and whilst showing I decided to attend a Tracking Workshop and I was hooked, this was definitely for us so we began training in Tracking.  Yarra achieved his Tracking Champion title on 24/08/2002.  This made Yarra  the first, and currently still the only Dual titled Schipperke in Australia.  Yarra is a very obedient dog but will not perform in the Obedience ring, he passed Encouragement twice in one weekend, we attempted further Novice trials but his independent streak came out so we discontinued.

Having titled my other dog Jasper to Tracking Champion in June of 2004, I was once again looking for something further so when a Foundation Agility class was offered at our club I jumped at it. We started to attend regular Agility/Jumping training and any workshops offered by the club, whilst initially being a velcro dog Yarra started to take to the equipment so I felt a bit more confident in his and my ability and started entering trials later in 2006. Yarra obtained his Novice Agility title on 07/07/2007, Novice Jumping title on 15/07/2007, Novice Snooker Dog title on 04/10/2008 and Novice Strategic Pairs title with Dual Ch (T) Waiwilta Woodstock (Papillion) on 04/10/2008.

Yarra was officially retired from competition on 04/10/2008 at age 10 ½. 



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