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  • Fees must be paid before classes commence.

  • Current Vaccination Certificate must be produced at the beginning of each four week session.

  • Handlers must clean up after their dog (scoopers and bins provided).

  • Bitches in season are not allowed on the grounds.

  • No dogs are allowed in the Club Rooms.

  • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times, unless instructed to do otherwise by an instructor.

  • No smoking on the grounds at anytime, in accordance with WCC smoking ban policy.

  • Please wear appropriate footwear (no thongs).

  • During the course of training only one handler per dog.

  • Please advise the instructor if you are unable to attend every session.

  • Please be on time for classes - class starting times for Puppies/Grade 1 is 10.30 am and Grade 2, 3 & Trial class is 12.00 noon (allow 15 minutes before class to exercise and socialise your dog).

  • Care must be taken with all equipment (No children on Dog Agility Equipment)

  • Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children. Please do not allow your child to approach or pat any dogs, especially those in vehicles or tethered, without first receiving consent from the dog's handler.  This is for your child's safety as well as the dog's.

  • Owners are responsible for their dog's well being (water buckets are provided for your convenience).

  • Dogs under 18 months of age are not permitted to use any Agility Equipment which requires the dog to jump.