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What will my dog and I be taught?

Attending obedience class is one of many steps in responsible dog ownership. Not only will your dog be taught to obey your commands, it will become a socially acceptable member of your family and the community. This dog training school is broken into five main classes. each class becomes progressively more difficult and is intended not only to challenge your dog's abilities, but yours as well!

A current vaccination certificate must be produced on enrolment at the beginning of each 4 week session.

Puppy Class:

In this grade your dog will be between the ages of three and six months old. This class is designed to socialize your dog with either dogs and people. This is the most critical period in a dog's education and development. Puppies are introduced to basic obedience and owners have the opportunity to discuss questions and problems associated with their own dog in an informative environment. Also included are general health issues, vaccinations, worming, house training methods, and tips to help ease your young dog out of those annoying puppy habits, such as digging holes and tearing washing off the line. Puppies will need a collar, and a suitable lead.

Grades One, Two, and Three:

These grades are usually available to dogs over six months of age. Dogs begin in grade one and on satisfactory completion of the four week course, are given permission to attend grade two. This then progresses to grade three on obtaining a pass in grade two. In these classes, owners and their dogs, are instructed in the techniques of basis obedience. Heel work, sit, stay, drop, stand, recall and retrieve are all included. The exercises will be developed each week and will become harder in each class. Dogs will need a collar, and a suitable lead.

Grade Four:

This class is designed for handlers that wish to enter obedience trials. All of the exercises encountered in an obedience ring will be covered. This level of obedience is not for everyone or for every dog, but it's a lot of fun and you'll be surprised what your dog can achieve at this level.

Dogs  will need a collar, a suitable lead, and a dumb bell specifically for retrieving exercises.

Dog training requires some effort from owners when not attending classes. Your dog should be trained at home too! In the back yard, down at the local park, practice what you have learned. In this way your dog will come to understand what it is you want him/her to do. All dogs have the ability to achieve, but require your patience and guidance.

Agility Equipment:

During obedience classes you may notice equipment put out near the shed for dogs to use. These obstacles may be incorporated in your class - but please remember that dogs under the age of 18 months are not permitted to use equipment which requires the dog to jump. This is purely for the dogs welfare. At the end of classes the equipment may be used by participants under supervision from the class instructor. If your dog has never seen/used this equipment before, please ask an instructor. The instructor will be happy to explain what each piece is used for. Please remember, this equipment was built for dogs and not children.