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Aryed Rather Risque CCD or Bob as he is better known

Breed Tibetan Terrier
Owner's Name Lyn McDonald
Best thing about Bob Everything but especially his personality.
What traits do you and your dog have in common: Both are independent and can be very stubborn - especially Bob!!
How long have you been at the Club About four years
Have you taken on any roles at the Club Bob is the class clown and Lyn has been an Instructor, Treasurer and Web Manager

Lyn and Bob came to WDTS about four ago. During that time they have passed Grade 3 in Obedience (Bob must have been on his best behaviour that day) and are doing quite well in Agility training. Bob has been a bit of a challenge to train. He learns quickly but easily becomes distracted and bored its much more fun to play with the other dogs!! Bob is a constant source of entertainment and amusement when he is in class and certainly believes that training should be all about fun, he is also a good example of how patience and persistence can bring rewards.

If Bob can learn to maintain focus for longer than a few seconds he will make his debut in the Obedience ring mid year and hopefully in the Agility ring soon after.


Bob is now Aryed Rather Risque CCD after achieving his title in one weekend at Geelong. He even managed a 1st in the ring along the way.

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