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What will my dog and I be taught?

Agility is a fast and entertaining team activity for you and your dog. Your dog will be taught to perform a series of tasks on your command. They will run through tunnels, jump over hurdles, weave through a series of upright poles, jump through tyres and run up and over ramps and seesaws. Your dog must be fit and so should you be as you must run with your dog. This is a great way of combining fun and exercise for you both.

A current vaccination certificate must be produced on enrolment at the beginning of each four week session.

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Rules and Regulations for Agility/Jumping Classes

To ensure the safety of your dog the following rules must be upheld at all times and be closely monitored by Instructors.

  • Aggressive behaviour from dogs/handlers to be reported to Instructor/Committee immediately. No instance of aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.

  • No bitches in season will be allowed on training ground.

  • Handlers must train dogs with soft collar only – no correction collars are permitted in agility training.

  • Sensible clothing and footwear to be worn during training - no thongs.

  • Dogs must be on lead at all times unless instructed otherwise by Instructors.

  • Dogs under 18 months to be supervised by Instructor as to what equipment is appropriate for their safety. Any dogs considered sick or injured will be asked to be removed from training.

  • In the case of the handler training more than one dog, the handler must be aware of the Club’s ruling that no dog shall be left tethered and unattended.

  • An Instructor must be in attendance at all times for training on equipment.

  • Instructors may not bring their own dogs into class whilst instructing.

  • Instructors are to wear a name badge at all times.

  • If a dog fouls the ground the handler is expected to clean up immediately. Bins are provided for that purpose.

  • Class members are asked to assist with setting up or packing equipment as requested.

  • Club members not participating in class are not permitted to use the area during class times. Those wishing to use equipment must be prepared to assist with setting up or putting equipment away. If you are not prepared to help please don’t be offended by a refusal to use equipment.